The word upcycling strike fear in the hearts of many. Unfortunately people associate upcycling with that terrifying hipster bunch

Turning an only bike wheel into a set of table lamp but it doesn't need to be as obscure (or as pointless) as all that and we have some rather lovely reasons why you should take up Upcycling today especially if you are a parent.

2. It Will Normalise Your Hoarding Habit

It Will Normalise Your Hoarding Habit

No longer will you have to explain to your better half or your loved ones what the old Vauxhall Cavalier engine you keep in your front garden is. They will just know that its one of your upcycling projects.

That was meant in jest but if you really do manage to turn that engine into a coffee table then please post something up on YouTube so we can see how you did it?

3. It Will Make You Green

It Will Make You Green

Not with envy of course but it will make your household into a more green environment and that's a good lesson to teach your little ones. Recycling is important and in a society that is getting more and more frivalent everyday opening your little ones eyes to how things can be reused rather than just thrown away is a great lesson for them in later life

4. The Plastic Bags

The Plastic Bags

We all have a drawer in our kitchen that is exploding with plastic bags. There are thousands upon thousand of upcycling project to turn those bags into something special. There has never been a better time to free up some space in that drawer.

5. Outside of the Box

Outside of the Box

Another great lesson for your little one here. It will get them to start thinking outside of the box and start showing off their creative side. Notonly can all those odds and ends be turned into practical things the can get transformed into science projects or toys. There really is no end to what your little ones can come up with!

6. Those Empty Wine Bottles

Those Empty Wine Bottles

This one might only apply to me but have you ever opened up your recycling bin to see a mass of green wine bottles stacked int here. Every opened it up and thought “What must the neighbors think!” Well don't worry now that you are an expert upcycler the things you will be able to produce with all those empty bottles of wine will be terrific and the neighbours will be none the wiser!